The Get List: Toreba: Two More Plush Pokemon Wins (Mew, Growlithe)

In which my already-retro Pokemon craze becomes a little more retro.

My obsession with winning plush Pokemon on Toreba is never-ending, especially when I’m stressed. Lately, I’m feeling a bit better (well, at least I have times when I do), and it’s nice to have shipments come when the stress isn’t ultra bad — like a good side effect of a bad habit. The two plush I am writing about today are awesome. As with so much with Pokemon, these characters feel nostalgic — very “Pokemon first generation.” They bring back all sorts of good memories when I first started loving the characters and the series.

First up we have a Pokemon that I feel tends to get overlooked by many. Well, except the Kojirou/James fangirls — he grew up with the best one ever. It’s Gardie/Growlithe! He’s such a charmer; he’s got a heroic look to him, with his cute little ruff and all.

As you can see, even I wasn’t thinking much of him when I won on Toreba. I was actually going for Nyaasu/Meowth (I never did win him that day, but I got lucky a few weeks later, to my absolute delight). Yet when I tried to push down on the Nyaasu plush, I got Gardie stuck on the claw for one of the weirdest wins yet.

Standing about eight and a half inches tall (it all depends on whether you count his, er, mane), Gardie is soft and great, with just a little “fuzziness” that makes him feel pleasantly like a well-loved toy. Plus, his tail is extra snuggly. He’s just cute!

  • ポケットモンスター ポケだっこでっかいぬいぐるみ 〜ガーディ〜
  • Poketto Monsutaa Poke Dakko Dekkai Nuigurumi ~Gaadii~
  • Pokemon Poke Hug Huuuge Plush ~Growlithe~

The other win I have for you today is this absolutely amazing Mew. This is from the Kutsurogi Time series I’ve posted about before, and like the Kairyuu before it, this is an absolutely perfect plush. Honestly, it just doesn’t get better than this with prizes!

I won this one with just a few free tickets:

Thank goodness for the occasional super strong claw! Measuring a really big thirteen inches long (it’s like having yet another full-sized animal draped over the foot of my bed), Mew looks great.

He’s got one eye peeking just like the others in this collection.

Like Gardie above, but to a bigger degree, this plush does a great job of simulating that well-loved feeling right out of the, er, bag from Toreba. I’m just in love with these two!

  • ポケットモンスター くつろぎタイムめちゃでかミュウぬいぐるみ
  • Poketto Monsutaa Kutsurogi Taimu Mecha Deka Myuu Nuigurumi
  • Pokemon Sleepy Time Super Huge Mew Plush

I have been wanting to write here so much lately; here’s to not letting life get in the way so frequently. As always, I’ve got no shortage of future subjects — actually, when I was writing this entry, another shipment of Pokemon plush came in! Check back soon for more. ★

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