Pokemon: Wicked Cool Toys Pokemon Advent Calendar

In which I inadvertently pick up a hot item and end up ridiculously happy with things.

I finally broke down and bought a Switch over Thanksgiving, and while I was already at Target spending money I don’t have on things I don’t need, I figured I may as well add one more item — this Pokemon advent calendar from Wicked Cool Toys. I didn’t really think about it much past seeing, well, it’s a big huge thing of Pokemon figures…

…and then I saw the lineup, which has not only has several of my favorites like Nyaasu/Meowth, Mimikyu, and Nuikoguma/Stufful but also a really cute Fushigidane/Bulbasaur and — well, that was enough. I bought it.

I was surprised how exceptionally cute the inner art was!

On December 1, I woke up like a kid remembering this advent calendar, and right away I opened up Eevee!

Standing about two inches tall, these figures are quite nice thus far, I’d say. Eevee has a sweet smile that can’t be hidden even under the pearlescent paint that makes these really hard to photograph.

Today, December 2, I was predictably happy to see Nyaasu/Meowth:

His gangly frame and prominent whiskers make Nyaasu the type of character figure that will show the worst of a process — and there are some issues with the whisker area for sure — but I’m still awfully glad to have him. He looks great and extra toothy, and slightly like he’s threatening you with a Fury Swipe.

I paid forty dollars for this advent calendar, and I don’t regret a thing. If you buy one though (apparently it’s sold out quite a few places), please note that though there are twenty-four days on the calendar, eight of those days give a cardboard accessory like a sled or a third of a Christmas tree (I pity parents who have to explain to their kids that not only do they get no Pokemon today, it’s not only just a cardboard tree, it’s one of three parts of one…)

Still, sixteen cute Pokemon figures plus the fun of an advent calendar make this worth it for me, and I’ll be posting the figures I open on Twitter each day as we count down to the holidays and a New Year!

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