Anime Goods: Nendoroid Re:Zero Emilia

In which I start off slightly confused and end up extremely delighted.

Rem and Ram weren’t the only Nendoroid I bought when there was a reissue of the figures — I snapped up Emilia, too. So I thought I’d show her off as well!

First, excuse the poor quality box pic and lack of picture with all of her accessories laid out; I was unboxing these in the middle of the night in a fit of insomnia and, while I feel like I took better pictures, I can’t find them for the life of me. Luckily, with Nendoroid there is always someone with better picture skills to refer to.

As with Rem and Ram, Nendoroid has another home run here in terms of capturing Emilia’s character. I’m the first to cheer for Rem and Subaru as a couple, but I just can’t dislike Emilia at all. It’s not her fault Subaru seems to be so enamored with the “first girl wins” trope.

She’s lovely from all angles, and her hair goes a long way toward that; it’s really pretty.

Like Ram, Emilia comes with some creative and cool-looking special effects pieces to demonstrate her magic. I didn’t do the best job capturing them in a picture, but I love the subtle clear/blue color gradation in the ice shards.

Also like Rem and Ram, she’s so cute it’s almost easy to forget what a badass she is, so I’m glad the figure emphasizes that.

And here’s Puck! These animal mascot characters you find in anime range from the best thing ever to the worst, and I was always really happy that Puck trends toward the good side of things. I find that Nendoroid usually does a great job with these partner figures, and Puck is no exception.

As I was looking over this figure after having unboxed Rem and Ram, I confess that at first I wasn’t quite sure I’d made the right decision to buy her. I’m much more of a Rem and Ram fan than a fan of Emilia, though I do like her quite well; I wasn’t sure how much of my order had been a grief response to Beatrice not getting rereleased (nope, I still haven’t let go of my bitterness on that one).

But then I remembered why I got her when I saw her little cloak! I just love it.

I would have said before that they skimped a bit on the features with Emilia, but the cloak suits her so nicely and is handled so well (and is, also, anchored exceptionally securely into the stand as you can see above). It’s a sad fact that Nendoroid quality seems to vary figure to figure, but all three of the Re:Zero Nendoroid I have are exceptionally secure and easy to put together. It’s about time I have a little luck with that, since I’ve had some really difficult ones lately!

The sweet little cloak erases any doubt I might have had; I’m displaying Emilia as you see her above, looking happy and content and bundled up warm with Puck. Sadly, she’s sold out now on amiami where I got her. If you like her, I’d really advise you to act quickly, to avoid the feeling of horror I experience when I see how much the Beatrice Nendoroid is going for now!

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