Anime Goods: Nendoroid Re:Zero Rem and Ram

In which a great wrong is righted.

Re:Zero is not only a series I like a lot, it’s also one that has a very fond place in my heart. So I’m not sure exactly why I passed on the first run of these Rem and Ram Nendoroid, but I decided to remedy that as soon as I saw the announcement for the second run. Without further ado, let’s look at these lovely twins!

Below is Rem’s packaging and all of her parts laid out:

It’s just a perfect rendition of her.

Though I had to display her with the crazed oni face, since we love her just as she is. ^ – ^

I’m also thoroughly enamored with the fact that it includes two morningstars (or would these be flails instead? It seems like something the hubs might know about….). I honestly can’t say whether I prefer the stiff-chained one above or the flexible one below better.

Rem is so cute in all her moods!

For now at least, I’m going for a hybrid approach when displaying her — with the oni horn and little ahoge (I love that they took the time and resources to include this as an extra piece, too), but looking a bit more snuggly.

Ram is similarly amazing. Box and contents:

Nendoroid just does such a great job of capturing the character while still making them cute!

I feel like it captures Ram’s cynicism and more world-weary attitude somehow. I also apparently forgot to take a picture with Rem’s tray hand like Ram has below; sorry about that.

I freaking love the inclusion of her culinary specialty:

I don’t think I set them up as well as I could have, but I am also super impressed with her wind magic special effects pieces:

And while it’s a pain to get them all set up this way, the extra piece included in Ram’s set allows them to pose like below:

Now my Nendoroid collection feels more complete — more complete, that is, not totally complete. Rereleasing Beatrice would go a long way toward that, though, Good Smile, if by any chance you’re listening!

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