Pokemon: Re-Ment Terrarium Collection EX Galar

In which I’m reminded yet again how awesome the Galar region is.

This might just be my favorite of these Re-ment Pokemon terrariums (see here and here for recent reviews, and I’ve got at least one more waiting for a writeup)! It’s mostly because I’m quite fond of designs for the Galar region.

We start off with the usual packaging stuff:

Here’s the first set, with the obligatory-but-not-unwelcome appearance from Pikachu, this time with Wanpachi/Yamper! I could have sworn I’d written about Wanpachi before, but I’d say it must be hard for anyone who loves dogs not to love this Pokemon. The Japanese name combines ワン wan (the sound of a dog’s bark) with pachi from (I’m guessing) パチパチ pachi-pachi, used for the crackling sound of electricity. The English….I don’t fully get. Is it yapping + scamper, maybe?

Anyway, they’re such cute friends.

The second one I’ve got for you features my dear little Sobble/Messon. I already talked about their name here, so I’ll just use this space to say I really am in love with this terrarium — everything about it, from Messon’s expression to the teeny water drop hanging off the leaf, is just awesome.

And the cuteness continuees with our next terrarium, featuring another Gen Eight starter we’ve discussed briefly before. It’s Hibanny/Scorbunny! (I didn’t say much about their name last time, but that’s because the translation is pretty simple; 火 hi is fire, and I’m assuming the scor is from scorch. Compared to their moody next evolution, Hibanny looks so cheerful blazing down the stairs!

Next up is our friend Grookey/Sarunori. The Japanese name combines サル saru, monkey, with nori, which can be used for rhythm colloquially. (I’m guessing this is related to 気乗りkinori, which you can use for “getting into” something like an interest or a rhythm, but I only ever see it as ノリ nori without any helpful kanji). But if my hunch here is right, the English is just the same thing in reverse: groove + monkey. And the look on Sarunori’s face as they grab a snack just reaffirms how much I love this little monkington:

For this next one, I’d traditionally brag about how despite the huge amount of great merchandise for Eevee, I usually find myself able to resist them — but I bought Let’s Go Eevee last month and it’s breaking down my resistance significantly. Anyway, here Eevee is with Wooloo (whose name is basically the same in Japanese), chilling in a meadow and looking darling.

The last one is kind of extraordinary to me, since if there’s a flaw with these terrariums it’s that their backgrounds can be really boring. But that’s certainly not the case for Galar Ponyta below. I love this variant (little kid me would have gone bonkers for the design), and I certainly love the Venusian-fishtank-on-acid that is the background:

It’s the perfect ending for a wonderful set.

Usually I hem and haw a bit about whether it’s worth it to pay the retail price for these terrariums, but I’ve got no hesitation on this one. It’s still available on amiami for about $36.50 — I don’t think you’ll regret this purchase, if you’re so inclined!

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