The Get List: Toreba: Pokemon Kairyuu (Dragonite) Kutsurogi Mecha Deka Plush

In which everything lines up just so to combine a lucky win with a Pokemon I’m extra fond of lately.

I’ve got another Toreba win for you today, and it turned out to be an amazing delight — I’m going to call it the Pokemon Sleepy Time Super Huge Kairyuu/Dragonite Plush.

One thing you come to learn pretty quickly on Toreba is that there are a lot of prizes that look truly, imminently winnable, and totally aren’t at all. But sometimes when I’m working I’ll leave Toreba open to a given machine, seeing how people win and don’t win with it, and that was the case here. After observing, when my free ticket came through, I took that and the one from earlier in the day and caught myself a Kairyuu (Dragonite)!

Beyond showing up at my doorstep about two weeks after requesting shipping (which is so, so awesome, but I do wish they’d do something about the backlog of stuff from May and June….), this is definitely the nicest Pokemon plush I’ve won so far. Kairyuu just demands snuggles!

  • ポケットモンスターくつろぎタイム めちゃでかカイリューぬいぐるみ
  • Poketto Monsutaa Kutsurogi Taimu Mecha Deka Kairyuu Nuigurumi
  • Pokemon Sleepy Time Super Huge Dragonite Plush

There are several other plush in this Kutsurogi Time collection. Kutsurogi (くつろぎ) refers to getting comfortable and relaxing, and as you can see, Kairyuu is basically half asleep with one eye open and one closed.

I notice that the Kutsurogi Time plush is part of the overall Bandai line called おとなもポケモン (Otona mo Pokemon, Pokemon For Grownups Too). Pretty much all of the Pokemon plush I’ve liked enough to win are part of this; it includes the Hopepita plush, Pikachu Tea Party figures, and several others in the process of shipping to me, so I’m extra stoked.

Somebody needs a tummy rub!

I figure lucking out with a prize this nice makes up for some of my dumber Toreba spending decisions. Yes….we’ll go with that. (´ー`)

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