The Get List: Toreba: Two Exceptionally Soft New Pokemon Plush (Snorlax, Pikachu)

In which I’ve got no complaints at all about these two sweet and extra soft friends.

Hoo boy, my little “I’ll take a few days off the blog for the holidays” thing really got a bit out of control, there! As part of my New Year’s Resolutions, I’ll be trying to go back to daily updates (though we all know how those go…). Anyway, today I’ve got two plush I’ve set aside due to their exceptional quality and softness.

First, we’ve got my win for Pikachu below (I love it when they don’t tape down tails on Toreba!):

I picked up this plush mostly because of the opportunity to grab it for a few tickets like you see above, and it occurred to me — I don’t think I’ve ever owned a Pikachu plush in my life, over 20+ years of on-and-off fandom. Isn’t that strange? Anyway, this sweet boy’s facial expression melts my heart, and at about nine and a half inches tall, he’s just perfect for hugs, and to be my first stuffed Pikachu.

Who knew how much I needed a Pikachu plush — or this one in particular? I just love him. It’s part of the Pokemon Life line (I thought it might be from Pokemon for Adults Too, like others we’ve talked about, but the lines are both from Bandai and seem very similar anyway).

  • Pokemonlife with PIKACHU でっかいぬいぐるみ 〜ピカチュウ〜
  • Pokemonlife with Pikachu Dekkai Nuigurumi ~Pikachuu~
  • Pokemon Life with Pikachu Huuuge Plushy ~Pikachuu~

This next one caught my eye as soon as it appeared in Toreba machines….a great favorite of mine, Kabigon/Snorlax!

I spent about $25 on this guy, but I have no regrets. Here’s him finally plopping over after being poked at for a while:

He would have been worth twice that, though; he’s the ultimate in snuggles and every bit as soft as the heavenly Pikachu above. And he’s absolutely tremendous, seemingly even bigger than his official measurement of about fourteen inches. He’s every bit as sweet to hug as the pictures indicate!

I was surprised to see this is part of the Hokkori Iyasare (I think the translation we used in past entries was Soft and Comforting) line. It’s atypical in terms of both its size and its quality — though now that I go back and hug my Wooper, they’re not so different. But if you’ve been dissapointed by Hokkori Iyasare Pokemon before, give this one a chance! It’s decidedly worth it.

  • ポケットモンスター ほっこりいやされめちゃでかカビゴンぬいぐるみ
  • Poketto Monsutaa Hokkori Iyasare Mecha Deka Kabigon Nuigurumi
  • Pokemon Soft and Comforting Super Huge Snorlax Plush

After a run of kinda-underwhelming Toreba wins, I feel like these sweet boys are getting my excitement back up for it. That is, of course, better for Toreba than it is for my wallet, but another New Year’s Resolution for me is to be more positive about things, so I’ll leave it at that!

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