Happy Birthday to Me – Let’s Celebrate with Four Galar Meowth!

In which I turn 42,502,302,481 years old, finally pick a number one favorite Pokemon design, and feel like celebrating. Oh, and there’s Pokemon merch too, of course.

It’s my birthday! It’s always a bit of a pain in my neck, being so close to other holidays and during the exhausting New Year’s preparations, but this has been a pretty good birthday so far. I’m not a very social person, so the lack of parties and such is fine with me for the most part, and I made sure to spoil myself extra much.

I also think I’ve finally settled the score of my number one favorite Pokemon deisgn. In past entries I’ve said it’s kind of a tie between Gengar, Nyaasu (Meowth) and Wooper. With Nyaasu, it was always more Team Rocket’s specific talking Nyaasu, not so much the design in general. And then something happened to give me a real favorite: the Galar Nyaasu. And because the hubs is wonderful, I have added four of them to my Pokemon colection. So let’s talk about these three Galar Nyaasu/Meowth plush plus one gashapon!

The first two plush are pretty much identical except for a small variation in their size, and frankly I don’t care. I’m glad to have them both! This first one I’ll show you is from the All Star Collection (and I have no idea what I did with its tag, since I got it a few months ago — from amiami, by the way, who currently have it on sale!).

You’ll be forgiven if you don’t see many differences between that one and the Poke Plush Galar Nyaasu from the American Pokemon Center website (it sold out in a flash!). Really, the only difference of note is the size; the All Star plush is a little under seven inches tall, whereas the Poke Plush is closer to nine inches. They’re both extremely soft, well-made, and not nearly as menacing as they want to appear. ^-^

The next one is my very favorite of all the plush — and not the only one from this line I got for my birthday, either, but I’ll save that for later — a Pokemon Dolls Galar Nyaasu! The Galar form is just so well-suited to this sort of chibi shortening and feature-emphasizing. This Pokemon is six inches of ferocious feline…uh…something. Something cute.

As opposed to the two above, whose tags are generic with just the product name and such, the Pokemon Dolls tags are so cute I’m probably going to make mine into a sticker and put it on something. (I’m horrified to say that the website is already sold out of these as well — there’s nothing you need to grab quicker than a plush from the infamously-bad-with-stock Pokemon Center!!)

You might remember from a few of my recent entries that I’ve had some pleasant interactions with a website named Pokevault; on one of them, this gashapon came along for the ride!

I misplaced the insert in the holiday madness right after I got this figure, so it took me some digging to see what it’s from, but I’m pretty sure it’s from the November 2020 Funi Funi Mascot 4 line by Takara Tomy ARTS. (I’d love to give you a link, but the Pokevault page went down when the item went out of stock, and for some strange reason the closest I can find on their site is this page for Series 3, but you get the idea.) Measuring about 2.5 inches tall and made of soft plastic, I’m so glad to have this one around as well.

So. Freaking. Pointy.

All together, my little Galar team makes for quite a family of bakeneko. I’m an absolute fiend for merchandise of this little friend — if you have something I don’t, please get in contact. It’ll make what’s already a pretty amazing birthday even better!

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