Pokemon: Re-ment Terrarium Collection Five

In which I’m developing a serious addiction to these things, god help me, but we all know I’m weak to water.

It’s just a pattern now — I see Pokemon terrarium collections from Re-ment, I justify adding them to my cart to “make the shipping worth it,” I repeat. The repetition is soothing my jangled brain, to be frank, so let’s talk about Pokemon Terrarium Collection Five.

If it’s not every single one of these collections that has Pikachu in it, it’s pretty close, and this time the setting is extra cute — he’s riding on Pigeon/Pidgeotto! We’ve had some imperfect experiences with these terrariums and large birdlike Pokemon, especially when we’ve got a cloud setup like here, but I thought this particular terrarium was really well pulled off. It’s like holding a little cloud in your hand with a couple of Pokemon in it. ^-^

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m trying to stick to a rule with these — only to buy the collections that contain at least two Pokemon I’d classify as great favorites — and so the first one that tipped me toward buying this was my dear Denryuu/Ampharos. I’m pretty on the record as loving them — and here the simple setup is as perfect as it gets to feature them just right.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t as impressed with the next terrarium, featuring Suicune. As you can see in the picture below, the feet don’t like to be flush with the water base no matter how much I try to fuss around with it, resulting not only in things looking weird with the “footprints,” but also some balance issues.

I don’t know much about Suicune. to be honest, and had to look up their English name; I was a bit surprised that it was kept the same! I’m not sure where the cune/kun part comes from, but 水 sui can mean water, and due to this Pokemon being featured in Pokemon Crystal, it’s probably no surprise that the water kanji is also the first one in 水晶 suishou (crystal).

Back to our “two favorites” rule….it’s obvious I bought this next set for Wooper, though having Chikorita come along is just a sweet bonus! Now this is the water feature figure I was looking for; it’s just plain darling.

The sheer soul-charming cuteness of the last set makes this next one feel a little disappointing, though, for several reasons, including a pretty boring base that makes me worry that the bare trees are going to catch on fire, and the fact that I never really noticed Ponyta in my life in any significant way, and the fact that Galarian Ponyta is a million times better and has an amazing terrarium.

I don’t think I noticed when I ordered this collection just how much water is involved in these terrariums! I must admit I’m just intrigued with the setup of our last figure, featuring Eifii/Espeon. I just get the feeling I’ve walked in on them while some serious psychic shit is going down. I like the greenery and the ruins and — well — the whole thing, actually. The water doesn’t quite meet the land as would be ideal, but I think that’s within reasonable boundaries for candy toys.

And this is one of those Pokemon where I prefer the English name. Espeon draws on its psychic type and goes well with the names of the other Eevee evolutions, but the Japanese name of Eifii (エーフィ) is just too similar to Eevee (イーブイ) when I write them out for me.

It’s funny how some purchases I make with great excitement don’t really do it for me when they arrive, and others (like this one) I pick up mostly because the price is right end up being among my favorites. But I really do love this collection, and it’s still available at amiami for about $35. Highly recommended!

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