Sumikko Gurashi: Re-ment Sumikko Everyday Terrarium

In which sweet little Sumikko are perfect no matter the season.

My love of a good Re-ment terrarium is pretty well documented. I’ve written about several of the Pokemon sets, but I also own a number of others, mostly Sumikko-related. I’d forgotten that my recent amiami order included one too.

It has the rather long Japanese name of ほのぼのすみっコ日和 Everyday Terrarium (Honobono Sumikko Biyori Everyday Terrarium — the first part means something like Perfect Weather for a Warm and Friendly Sumikko; we’re going to use Sumikko Everyday Terrarium for short). This set of six figures, standing about 4.5 inches high, is pretty great all around!

The first set features Penguin? and is called シャボン玉であそぼう Shabondama de Asobou, Let’s Play with Soap Bubbles. You know me and water features in miniatures; when you combine that with a tiny Tapioca in a soap bubble, you’ve got me 100 percent.

Next up, Shirokuma looks very cheerful in a set called ひまわり畑でかくれんぼ Himawari Batake de Kakurenbo, Hide and Seek in a Sunflower Field. I really love the little Tapioca dressed as a sunflower!

But there are few Sumikko things in the world where my favorite isn’t going to be Tonkatsu and Ebi Furai no Shippo, and so it’s no surprise my favorite of the whole collection is probably this third set, あかね色のかえりみち Akane-iro no Kaerimichi, Our Crimson-Colored Road Back Home. Those two look so peaceful, uttery unaware of Suzume hovering above them, wondering if they can sneak a snack of Tonkatsu’s delicious coating….

This is also the one set where it almost looks better inside the case compared to outside, not ony because it provides the right background color, but also because it lets us see what Suzume is up to!

My allegiance is always going to be to my fried friends, of course, but I also really liked the Tokage terrarium coming up next. Look at that starry sky!

This fourth set is called 流れ星み〜つけた!Nagareboshi Mi~itsuketa! (I Found a Shooting Star!), and I just love the peaceful vibe it gives, with Tokage and Nisetsumuri chilling outside a tent and engaging in a little stargazing.

The cuteness continues with our fifth set, which features Neko and Zassou. It’s called ぽかぽか日向ぼっこ Poka-Poka Hinatabokko (Sunbathing in the Nice Warm Sun) — and it’s so cold outside as I write this that it makes me downright jealous. I could use some warm weather to hang out with my own chubby cat in.

Sometimes I pretend to want to save money, and one of those times was right when this collection was announced. I thought maybe I could have resisted it until I saw this very last set. Featuring the real Tokage (Tokage (Honmono)) playing outside while our Tokage watches from within, its name is very straightforward: おそとで雪あそび Osoto de Yuuki Asobi, Playing Outside in the Snow.

Like the very best of all merchandise, I feel like this collection does a great job of capturing who these characters are — from the warm relationship between Ebi Furai no Shippo and Tonkatsu to the utter lazy relaxation of Neko and Zassou, they’re all here feeling just right. So this set (still available for a bit more than $36 from our old friends amiami) gets a BIG recommendation from me!

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